Eagle Lake, FL

Well, here four weeks have passed since I posted anything.  Not a lot to report other than painting, painting, and more painting. We did finish painting the outside of both the church and the school building  then we began painting the inside.

So far all the hallways have been painted and many of the rooms. There is still more to go.  So far we have used more than 250 gallons of paint.

Also done many miscellaneous maintenance items from patching tile, repairing walls, replacing ceiling tile, repairing roof leaks and many others.

One of the bigger projects was remodeling the women’s restroom to update it and make it Handicap accessible. First it was completely gutted and then the rebuilding began.

We’re not quite finished but it was close enough to be usable on Sunday.

We attended the Southeastern MAPS RV convention in Plant City, Fl the first weekend of February. Enjoyed our time there and visiting with friends we have worked with at various projects.IMG_20160206_183720988

Seems that we are always eating. I guess that one thing that RV Volunteers seem to always do. Once a month the church has a connection night where they have to Gym set up for volleyball, have a meal and a devotion. Also they had a Valentines dinner.IMG_20160208_192701568

Also once a week we all go out together for dinner.

This is a picture I took one evening of the sun set across the street from the church. Not the best sun set picture but I like the picture of the three crosses. On the left side of the picture you can see just a little sliver of Eagle Lake.


The weather here has been up and down but the last week have been almost perfect. Temperatures in the mid 70’s and mostly sunny.  Expecting rain and a little cool down in a couple of days but then warms back up next week. We have one more month here and then we will be leaving. We’re going to get some of our windows repaired and them around the first of April we will begin our journey back north. We still have a lot of work to be done here so we will keep busy.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully it won’t be so long before my next post so until next time. God Bless


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2 Responses to Eagle Lake, FL

  1. Phil says:

    Its great to hear and see what you guys are doing.
    Thats a lot of painting.

  2. Sometimes a project that is less strenuous is a welcomed change. Rest easy my friend.

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