Eagle Lake


My how time flies. We left Cincinnati the morning of Jan 1 and took three day to drive to our next project in Eagle Lake, Fl. The project here is to perform some much needed maintenance on the church building.  The building is a rather large building built in 1975 which at one time also had a school. The church had once been a church of several hundred but had dwindled to were there were only about 25 people attending. The building was neglected maintenance wise is outdated. A church in a neighboring town needed more room so the two churches combined.

That’s a brief description of where we enter the picture. There are 4 couples with us and another one coming in a couple of days. We have been here three weeks and have been very busy.

First thing we did was began power washing the entire building.

After power washing and some other repairs painting began.

This is a picture of the front of the church before we began painting and after most of the painting is done.

This is just the front of the church and the school building is behind the church. There is still more painting to be done and a lot of touch up.

We’ve also done some other work on the inside fixing up a couple of rooms. One of the rooms was this room which was painted purple. They wanted it turned into a nice room for a hospitality suite.

It was primed to cover the purple a set of French doors installed, nice trim added and now it looks like this.

Still a lot to be done over the next several weeks that we will be here.

This is where we will be spending the next couple of months in our little campground behind the church.IMG_6777

As with most of the projects we are working hard but really enjoying the wonderful people we are working with and the people in the church.  Also the weather here is a lot better than what others are experiencing up north. Thanks for following us in our travels and for praying for us as we continue or work for the Lord.

Until next time God Bless.




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3 Responses to Eagle Lake

  1. Malcom says:

    Another great job being done ,thanks for
    The update .

  2. What a great way to serve God. We are still digging out from the blizzard in VA. Praying for safety as you guys work on this ‘small’ project.

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