Sedalia, Mo.

As I said in my last post that we were going to Sedalia, MO. for a couple of weeks. Well it turned out to be a little longer but we got a lot accomplished. The project was to make some changes to the platform and the rear wall of the auditorium. We got there on a Friday, Saturday we went for a quick overlook of the project, got the plans, and on Monday we started. This is what the platform looked like before we started and the team we had along with the Pastor.

The first things was to start the demolition. The back wall of the platform and baptistry was removed. Marge and the women helped by cleaning up.

then we started building back in. Where the wall was removed the platform was built back in and a little over four feet added to the front.

Corner walls were added at the back of the platform and this is what it looked like after that was done.

Another part of the project was to extend the rear wall of the auditorium all the way to the roof.

Some of the ceiling tile had to be removed and the wall extended all the way to the underside of the roof. On the left side was the stairway that had to go all the way up. The was was insulated and the hall side had to have double drywall. As the lift wouldn’t go into the stairway a scaffold had to be build so we can get up there to add the drywall and tape.

Marge cleaning up some of our mess on the stairway.sedalia17

At the top of the stairs the hall was closed in and the to make a closet. These are some of the finished pictures as it looked when we left after 3 weeks.

The platform was carpeted when we left and the front walls painted.

We got this picture after we left and the auditorium was carpeted.sedalia18

We have now moved to a another project in Branson, Mo. It has been delayed a little so we haven’t done much this week. We are staying at a Jellystone campground in Forsyth, Mo. The park is supposedly closed but will stay open all winter but no one is in the office and everything is closed. This is our site.branson-1This is where we will be working.branson-2

That’s all for now so until next time God Bless. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

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