I’m Back

No, We didn’t get lost I just found it hard to keep writing. A lot has happened since the last post.

We left Eagle Lake Florida the end of March and headed over to Hudson, Fl to have some of our dual pane windows repaired. After spending most of the week there we left and went to Holt, Fl to visit some friends and spend Easter with them. From there we started our trip north to Wisconsin to do some work on a rental house one of our sons had that they were trying to sell. Along the way we stopped by another one of our son and visited his family for a few day. Early April is not the warmest time to be going to Waukesha, WI. We parked in their drive way and drove to the house every day.img_20160409_093356671_hdr While there we remodeled the bathroom, installed new counters in the kitchen, installed a laminate flooring throughout the first floor, and painted the entire house inside.

In early May we left Wisconsin and Went to The King’s Camp near Chana, IL. This is the park were we spend some of our summer time. While there I help with the mowing and help around the camp. Our son from Moldova came back to the states for a visit the end of June. We took them to the Airport to fly out on July 5th and then on July 6 we went to Sartell, MN to work at a rather large church addition. A lot was accomplished during our time there and we had a great time with the other RV Volunteers who were there also. These are just a few of the pictures from there.

We left MN in late August and went back to King’s Camp for Labor Day and also we both had Dr. appointments to attend too.

The end of Sept. the Royal Ranger Fall Roundup was held at the camp which we helped with and then on Monday after that we hooked up and headed south to Lake Williamson Christian Center in Carlinville, IL and the MAPS RV Volunteer Convention. We came a few days early just to relax and have some time to visit.

My sister and her husband came one day to visit and took us out for lunch. We had a great visit. Plan to see her again this fall while working at a project in southern Missouri. As usual I forgot to take any pictures.

Convention has now come to an end. What a great time, lot of fun, great services, classes, and seeing old friends and making new ones. We have now moved on to a project in Sedalia, MO which we will start on Monday. This is a small remodel project and we only plan to be here a couple of week.

I’ll try to not wait so long before checking in again so until next time God Bless!

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2 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Welcome back. We both have suffered from the same problem of finding it hard to keep writing. It’s time for me to update Tales From The Waggin Master.

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