Marge and I (Dave) have been married for more than 45 years. We have four sons and all are married and have wonderful wives.  We also have 13 grand kids.

We Retired in 2012 sold or gave away just about everything we owned, bought a Mobile Suite fifth wheel trailer and a truck and started to travel full time.

We volunteer with RV MAPS and SOWERS traveling throughout the United States helping at camps and churches.

This blog is to journal our travels so family and friends can follow our adventures as we travel through out the US.

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  1. Judi Powell says:

    Marge: So glad to heara from you and Dave and that you’re out and involved in doing God’s work. Ireally envy you. Everything here is going well with me. Lots of things have happened since I’ve been here. Here’s my email address: my70garden@yahoo.com. E-mail me and I’l e-mail you back and tell you all about my 4 years here in Oklahoma. Joe is still in Chicago, but calls me twice a month to keep in touch. God bless you at your work with churches. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Judi Powell

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