Branson update

I guess it’s time I make an update from here in Branson. Marge and I spent Christmas here in Branson alone. We skyped with some of our kids and grandkids and phone calls with the others. The other couples had either moved on or went away for the Holidays.

As we were here alone the week after Christmas not as much got done on the building. I did have help from one of the men from the church most days and we did accomplish a few things. After New Years two of the couples that were here came back and we got some more of the framing done but then the weather turned cold and we didn’t work several days. Even some of the days we worked it was quite cold as you can tell from our dress while on break. This is where we take break and eat lunch.


Our little break room

There were a lot of other various little thing that we’ve got done including putting in four outside doors.

Some items are being contracted out. The rough in plumbing has been completed. The electrical rough in should be finished this week. The HVAC in underway. The windows are all in.

We will begin framing the platform this week as we were waiting until the electrical rough in was done in the ceiling.

The weather has been up and down. last weekend it got down to 6 degrees overnight and wind chill below zero, then by Wednesday it was in the 70’s. Now it’s in the low 30’s and raining. At least we’re not getting ice like it is a little north of here. We’ve done quite well keeping warm and comfortable in our RV. We did have one problem. I forget about the water filter I added in the back of the refrigerator and it froze and cracked. When it thawed our it let water ran on the floor and got some of the carpet a wet.

We have had a couple of game nights and had the Pastor over for dinner one night.


Game night

Thing are progressing well and it won’t be long before the insulation goes in followed by drywall.

Still a lot to be done so we will be busy over the next several week. Continue to pray for us as we work for not only our safety but that the weather will allow us to work.

Until next time God Bless


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3 Responses to Branson update

  1. You guys look great. We love you love Carolyn and Elsie

    Sent from my iPhone 🎵🎺


  2. I sure love the large projects you do. Wish we could join you to do this. I can only image how cold it is working on that concrete floor. At least you are dried in and not having to deal with wind, rain or snow. Be safe.

  3. Jodi says:

    You are doing great things! God bless you!

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