Our first week in Lakeland

We’ve completed our first week here at Lakeland.  With all the cold weather up north we have certainly enjoyed the weather here.  I does seem a little strange though to be wearing shorts, seeing kids playing in the water, and seeing flowers blooming in January. It is something that we can get used to.

This is a picture of where we are parked.  DSCN4617

It’s not the fanciest campground but it is adequate. It only has 30A electric but we have not had any problem so far.  Sites are very narrow and I had a little trouble getting into it but I finally got in and we will be fine.

Here in the RV park there are a pair of Sandhill Cranes that spend a lot of time here and don’t seem to be too concerned about people being around.

Sandhill Cranes right in front of our RV

Sandhill Cranes right in front of our RV

Every Friday night is a potluck dinner at the campground followed by a sing along.

Monday we started working on the project.  We are working on a new building for New Life Assembly on the north side of Lakeland.  As they are still waiting for the some of the blocks to be finished and for the trusses to arrive there is not a lot of things for us to do.

We did have to put hurricane brackets on top of the outside wall. Also a sewer line had to be run along two sides of the building and the drain lines connected.

I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by. Continue to pray for us as we work and for the project that it will go well.

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2 Responses to Our first week in Lakeland

  1. We will certainly pray for safety and good weather.

  2. Betty Cross says:

    Looks like your really enjoying the weather. Have a great winter.

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