New Year, New Project

Happy New Year! I pray that everyone has a Blessed 2015.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. We finished up our last couple of week at Teen Challenge in Dublin, Ga. working on gutting a building that was built in 1956 as the school office.  Over the years it had been modified and remodeled several times.  It is going to get re-purposed again into a housing unit.  I spent part of a week removing the suspended ceiling, insulation, tying up the lights and knocking out some block walls.

That’s enough about work. Being the Christmas Season there was a Christmas party for the Men. They had pizza, and all kinds of goodies.  They also had several activities that they did as teams. You just had to be there to really get a feel for how crazy and funny it was.

Christmas morning there were presents for all the guys, followed by a breakfast which I helped with and latter in the day a great Christmas dinner with all the fix’ens.

After dinner Marge and spent rest of the day relaxing and Skyping (not sure that’s a word) with some of our kids and grand kids.

We stayed on the project until Sunday, Dec. 28 because they had what they call Family Day where parents and family come to visit and is also Graduation Day for those that have completed the program.  We had come to know some of the guys during our time there and had become friends with one of the men who was graduating so we wanted to be there for his graduation and to encourage him as he when on from here.



Following the service we closed up the RV, hooked up and headed to Marianna, FL to see one of our sons and his family.If the truth be know it was really to see the grand kids.

We we stayed there for three days. We also saw and visited with some other MAPS RVers. Some of whom we had met before and some were new friends.

We left Marianna on Thursday morning, New Years Day,  and headed to our next project at New Life Assembly in Lakeland, FL. I’ll have more about the project next time.  On this project we are staying in an RV park and will be commuting back a forth. The weather since we have been here has been unusually warm with daytime highs in the mid 80’s but I’m not complaining.  This afternoon we went into Lakeland and walked around just enjoying the weather and the sites.  Last time we were in Florida someone said “I don’t see and pictures of palm trees?”.  So I thought I would include a couple of picture we took today that shows that there really are palm trees in Florida.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings.  Until next time. God Bless.


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1 Response to New Year, New Project

  1. Sylvia White says:

    Happy New Year!! I’m glad the weather has been in your favor this year:) we have been closed for the past two days and trying to stay warm .
    It sounds like you and Marge are enjoying retirement ! Hard workers!

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