Thanksgiving in Richland, Mo

The past three weeks have been very busy. We ran into a couple of problems where a part of the existing building had to be removed before we could continue. 12247042_1666279500319368_1020938176234096352_n

Also we’ve had a couple of days of heavy rain which created some problems as well as delays but we have made progress. All of the roof panels had to be prepared which took several days. In fact there are still a few that need to be done.

This week we started putting up the Trusses on main part of the building.


First truss going up.

The wind was causing problems with the panels so we had to stop on the panels, but we got all of the trusses up and four of the roof panels.truss6

Hopefully this week the wind will be a little calmer and we can get a lot more done next week. It’s supposed to rain the next four day so hope that doesn’t cause too much delay.

On one Sunday I met my two sisters at Lambert’s restaurant in Ozark, Mo. for lunch. IMG_20151115_114623880Afterwards we went to the cemetery where our parents were buried to visit the grave site. IMG_20151115_121807085

Last Sunday afternoon we went with one of the other couples to HA HA T0nka state park. This is a beautiful area of southern Missouri.IMG_20151122_160919953

We hiked the top of that hill in the background to the Spring Trail Head. Following are some of the pictures along the way.

On the top of that hill is what is called the castle. This was build as a home for a wealthy businessman from Kansas City back in the 1800. It was later destroyed by fire. Just imagine the view from this place.

Today is Thanksgiving and we have so many things to be thankful for but most of all we are thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We spent the day here in our RV and talked to some of our kids and grand kids.  Marge fixed a great Thanksgiving day dinner.


Thanksgiving dinner in our RV.

Two more of the couples who were working with us have left. As I’ve mentioned before, that is one of the the more difficult parts of our travels. We work with people and become good friends then we move on or they do. We may see them the following  year at conventions or may meet them again on another project but it’s still hard to say Goodbye.

I pray that each of you have a happy Thanksgiving day and took time to be thankful for all that you have.



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New Life Fellowship, Richland, Mo.

It’s time I made a quick update of what’s going on here at New Life Fellowship in Richland, Mo. It’s been a busy three weeks since my last post.  Just too much going on to keep up to date.  Two weeks ago we finished the West side of the buildings lower roof.

Once the West side was done we started on the East side and then the remainder of the front panels. Now we are working on the remaining back wall panels. After that the high roof trusses will go up and then the panels on them.  We have several things to do to get to that point.

While the men have been working putting up the roof and wall panels the women have been working on the some of the inside framing.

Marge cutting a stud for the framing.

Marge cutting a stud for the framing.

This project has been a lot of work but we’ve got a great team here helping. We go home tired every night but we also find time to do a few other things.  We’ve gone out to eat several times and had some great fellowship with the other couples. We had pot luck dinner one night and a couple of game nights. IMG_20151030_174841271

One weekend we went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum.

Last weekend some of us went for a hike to Clifty Creek Conservation Area and took a hike to a natural bridge created by a tributary of Clifty Creek.

We had a good hike and saw some beautiful scenery.

Thanks for stopping by. Please pray for our safely and strength as we work on this project.  This is probably one of he hardest projects we’ve been on but we’re enjoying our time here and getting to know the new friends we are working with.

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Richland, Missouri

We had an Awesome MAPS RV Volunteer Convention. Connected with a lot of friends who we have worked with over the past years and met a lot of new friends.  Has some Great services and training classes.  After convention we had to traveled back to Northern Illinois for a Dr. appointment. Then we turned around and headed back south to Richland, Mo where we currently working.

Some of the pictures are from other people which I snagged to use.

The project here is a new church build and is a little different different than what we’ve done in the past.  It’s not you typical frame build but is foam core panels which have to be assembled into walls and roof.  The building is being built around and over the existing building. The part in the middle of the picture is the existing building which will be disassembled and reassembled on a lot across the street.richland5richland2

Another roof panel going up.


Between all the posts sticking up will go panels for the upper wall.DSCN4695

The women are assembling the sections which will become the overhang for the soffit.

Richland1 - Copy

Last Wednesday was Marge’s birthday and after work we all went out to dinner.DSCN4646

We have have great group of people here that we are working with and there is one more couple who came over the weekend who are not in the picture.

Saturday was my birthday and we went with some of our group to Meramec Caverns to a gospel concert with the Lister family and the Booth Brothers Trio. IMG_20151017_182350124

Today it was back to work. This will be our first full week here. There’s a lot to be done and a long ways to go. We plan to be here until mid December. Praying the weather remains good until that time as we have to head back to northern Illinois for another Dr. appointment.

Until next time. God Bless

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Summer Update

The summer is past and I guess it’s about time to start back up our Journal. We’ve had a busy summer. We have a seasonal lot at The King’s Camp in northern Illinois where we park when we are in the area. I helped with some of the mowing and weed whacking there. It was a very wet spring and summer so there was a lot of grass to mow.

One of our sons lives near there and I helped him pour a floor in his new pole barn. I think it took about 34 yds. of concrete. I have now given up concrete work for good.

In June we went to Quincy, Il. for a few day to a family reunion on my side. I got to spend some time with my brother and sisters and a few nieces and nephews that I haven’t seen in a while.

In August we took a trip north to Thief River Falls Mn. for a family reunion on Marge’s Mother’s side of the family. Enjoyed our time there meeting many members of the various families. On our way there and back we stopped by Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandra, Mn. to spend the night and visit with some MAPS friends

Upon returning we took a trip to Moldova to visit one of our sons and his family. We spent about 3 1/2 weeks with them visiting and seeing some of the site. For those that don’t know where Moldova is it’s in Eastern Europe and was one of the former Soviet Satellite country between Romania and Ukraine.

We’ve had some issues with tire wear on the RV so I had it checked out and it was determined that the axles were bent and needed to be replaced. This turned into a major project and we ended up leaving it at the repair shop while we went to Moldova.

Upon returning from Moldova we picked up or RV and spent a few days at the campground and took care of a couple Dr. appointments. We’ve had our share of Dr. visits and tests which we are still dealing with.

We are now in Carlinville, Il for the MAPS RV convention where we will see a lot of friends, have some great services, and decide where we will go for the winter.

Well, That’s a quick update of the summer. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll update more often as we get on the road. Continue to pray for us as we travel and we both have some health issues to deal with.

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Kings Camp 2015

A week ago we left Springville Camp in Alabama and headed north to Kings Camp in Chana, Il.  mms_picture-3We spent three day traveling arriving here on Tuesday.  I pulled down the road by our campsite and parked to check out the ground before trying to pull in. Monday night they received 2.5 inches of rain and the ground was soft and just a little wet, but I thought I could make it. To make a long story short I got stuck and had to be pulled out. Once I got out I parked on the drive for a couple of day until things dried out a little. Thursday afternoon we were able to get into out site and all set up. DSCN4101

Saturday the camp had a Mother’s day lunch and then we went to see one of our Grandsons in a play at school.  mms_picture-2

We are only about 25 miles from one of our son’s so today we went to his home for Mother’s Day and had a nice lunch. Got some work to help with at his house so will probably be over there a few times over the next month or so.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother’s Day.  God Bless

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Leaving Springville Camp and Conference Center

We are finishing up our time here at Springville Camp and Conference.  We’ve been so busy that I can’t even remember all we’ve done in the last couple of weeks.  They’ve had so many groups in that it’s hard to keep track. Usually groups are here on the weekends but in the last three weeks there have been a group here during the week and groups on the weekend too.  That means a quick turnaround on set up. Especially when it’s like last weekend when there were 5 different groups.  A lot of my time has been spent mowing when it wasn’t raining.  There’s been over 10 inches of rain so far this month. On one Monday when there wasn’t a group here Marge and I cleaned the floor in the kitchen. The kitchen is comprised of three areas and the following are pictures of the dish washing room. These are the only pictures I was able to get this time.

First I would scrub the floor with the scrubber and then would mop up all the mess until it was clean.  After it dried we put a sealer on.

With so many groups here Marge worked a lot helping in the kitchen to prepare and serve meals.

This week was the senior camp and I don’t mean high schooler. Some of them wanted to ride the zip line.  Several of them had to be talked into taking the ride.  After their first trip about half of them went for a second ride.

Since the pool wasn’t being used this week we pumped it out and pressured washed it the cement around it. Next week someone is going to have to paint the pool.

We’ve enjoyed our time here but we’ve work a lot. We are leaving this weekend heading north to “The King’s Camp” near Chana, IL. We will be taking some time to rest a little, visits with some of our family, and take care of our Dr. visits.  I know I don’t post too regular but I will be taking a little break unless I find something interesting to post.

Please pray for us as we travel. Thanks for stopping by.

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Springville Camp and Conference Center

We’ve been here at Springville Camp and Conference Center (SCCC) for three week. My how time flies. I know it’s been a while but I didn’t have much to post and we’ve been awfully busy. Last week I did a lot of mowing but then the rain started and it has rained everyday since.  Now the ground is very wet and the grass is getting very tall.  After tomorrow the rain is supposed to stop for a few days so hopefully it will dry out enough to get back to mowing. Over the past couple of week there have been several large groups come in so there has been a lot of setting up of conference room etc. and just general maintenance. Also with a lot of people there is a lot of meals to be prepared and served plus all the clean up. Marge has spent most of here time in the kitchen. I have helped with clean up and some serving. Both weekends they did run the zip line. Last weekend one of the groups rode the zip line and followed that up with some of them playing paint ball.  This weekend the rain let up just long enough to get the zip line in. It was a womens retreat from a local church and I was able to get a picture of a couple of women coming across the lake.

Double zip line across lake.

Double zip line across lake.

I didn’t get many pictures of work but I did get one of Marge pressure washing rugs.

Cleaning rugs 2015

Cleaning rugs 2015

Some things never change as I posted a picture of her cleaning these same rugs back in 2012 when we were first here.

Clean Rugs 2012

Cleaning Rugs 2012

Since I didn’t get many pictures of work I went out this afternoon between rain showers and took a few pictures around the camp.

This is a picture of our campsite.

Our campsite 2015

Our campsite 2015

There are 6 RV sites here but we are the only ones currently here.

Another week starts tomorrow. There aren’t any groups in until next Friday so we are going to clean the kitchen floor and reseal it while there is a break. A little over a month from now summer camps start. There will be hundreds of kids here through out the summer so things need to get ready for them.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week and God Bless

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Round #3

I guess it’s time I posted a little update. We left Mayo, Fl after a great weekend visiting with some friends and attending their homecoming of their church on Sunday. We had planned to stop about half way and spend the night but because we got an early start and the time change we decided to just press on and travel all the way to Srpingville Camp and Conference Center in Odenville, Al. With a couple of stops it was almost 9 hours. This is the third time we have worked at this project. This was the first project we worked when we started out and coming back is kind of like returning home.  This is a beautiful camp and we really like it here and the staff here makes us feel so welcome. We’re a little further north so the weather is not as hot as it was in Florida, temps in the 70’s and low 80’s and we get to enjoy spring again. Trees are starting to bud out and the red bud and dogwood are blooming.

Now to what we’ve been doing.  When we arrived they had a large youth group here for spring break. Marge has helped in the kitchen and with serving meals. Also helped with the loads of laundry that has to be done after every group,  and also done some cleaning.

One day I helped with the zip line hauling the kids around the lake so they could climb the hill and ride the zip line around the lake.  Another day I helped belay those who were brave enough to repel from the 60 ft. tower.

Repelling Tower

Repelling Tower

No, I did not do either but I have done both in the past.

The camp moved their paint ball field and I helped one day putting up a 12 ft. high net fence along one side so those watching won’t get hit. I’ve also spent a couple of day removing and cleaning air conditioners.  Right now a little over half of them are done. I’ve mowed grass and pine cones (sometimes I think there are more pine cones than grass) and I’m sure there will be a lot more before we leave here. No groups here over Easter but for the next month there will be several groups here every week. As the various group come in there will be set ups and all kinds of maintenance that needs to be done.  Looking forward to our time here.

Saturday morning we did some “spring” cleaning around the RV and the truck. I tried to get my tools that were just thrown back in the truck when we left Florida organized and put back where they belong. Marge cleaned inside and organized the closets. We then got a call from some good friends who are working at a SOWERS project near here. They were out for a drive and stopped by to see us. They brought us a little gift that goes along with our journal. Had to get all the little balls in the holes. I finally got it.DSCN4090 Charlie and Deanna thanks for thinking of us and stopping by. Really enjoyed the visit.

Sunday we went with the Facility Manager and his wife to Easter service. The message was a little different. It was “Messiah in the Passover”. It was how the different elements of the Seder point to Christ.  Following the service they had a balloon release.  The Pastor released a white to represent Christ’s resurrection, then people released a balloon for loved ones they’ve lost, followed by everyone releasing a balloon to representing the future resurrection when Christ returns.

That enough for now. Until next time. God Bless

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We’re in Mayo, Fl

Our last week in Lakeland went fast. This was a great project, we accomplished a lot, and we had a GREAT team. This is the whole team at New Life Assembly except for one couple who had to leave last week.

Our Team at Lakeland

Our Team at Lakeland

We’ve had a great time, worked hard and made a lot of new friends. As I mentioned before the hardest part of of this lifestyle is saying good-bye to our new friends. We have met so many wonderful people.

This week we finished framing the interior walls and put up a lot of the Styrofoam insulation on the outside walls. Also a lot of other little things that needed to be done.

Thursday we all met together for lunch and a time of prayer as many of us were leaving over the weekend.DSCN4079

Friday morning we were all hooked up and ready to leave. Only problem was it rained over night and we were on grass and the tires just spun.  IMG_3195Thankfully one of the campers with a four wheel drive truck came to my rescue and helped pull me onto the road.

We did get out and on the road heading north. We are now at Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort near Mayo, FL. It’s a very nice RV park. We are staying here for three day just relaxing and visiting some RV MAPS friends.

When we leave here on Monday we are heading to Springville Camp and Conference in Odenville, AL. This is a project that we’ve been to a couple of times and they always have a variety of things to do.

Thanks for stopping by. Please continue to pray for us as we travel.

Comments are always welcome.

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Winding Down

I know it’s been two weeks but it’s been a busy two weeks.  Seems that we are going somewhere almost every night. We’ve been out to eat a few times.

Fred's Southern Kitchen

Fred’s Southern Kitchen

Last night all of us went to the pastor’s home for dinner and a time of fellowship. After dinner we were outside for a time just enjoying the evening and conversation.

This past week we had three of our grand kids staying here while their parents went to a conference.  Marge spent all week entertaining and taking car of them.

Gets a little crowded with three extra people and an extra dog in our RV but we survived and enjoyed our time with them.

As far as the building goes, we got the rest of the trusses up and all of the plywood sheeting on. Built soffit around the portico and in the foyer. We did a lot of other things that were necessary but just don’t show.  By the end of the week the roofers came and covered the roof. They will be back latter to put on the metal roof.mms_picture-50

This past week we also did a lot of the framing of the interior walls, but still more to do this weekmms_picture-47

Our time here is coming to an end as by Friday most of us will be moving on. Our plan is to move to northern Florida for a few days to visit some friends and a little rest before we go further north to another project.  We have a couple in mind but haven’t committed to one yet.  It’s still a little early to go too far north.  The weather here are been unusually warm. Almost every day the past two weeks has been in the 90’s and a few day in the upper 90’s.  Too hot to be working out in the sun. After this week this project will be turned back over the the contractor to get it finished.  I’m sure that the work we’ve done here has saved the church several thousand dollar.

As we wind down here we face the hardest part of every project and that is saying good-bye to the new friends we’ve made.

Thanks for stopping and reading my ramblings. Please feel free to leave a comment

Until next time, God Bless

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