Leaving Richland

We got a little break over Thanksgiving weekend. It started to rain on Thanksgiving night and continues to rain for the next four day.  The rest of the team all went home for the holiday but since we are fulltimers our RV is our home so we stayed here and enjoyed our time off. Marge used the time to bake cookies, work on a quilt, and we worked a puzzle


The missing piece was found after the picture.

Back to work we had a lot to do and since the church was paying for the crane and operator we wanted to make as much progress as we could so we worked some longer days and we worked on Saturday.  We were also hampered by all the mud from the days of rain. First thing to do was get the remaining panels on the back wall up. These needed to be completed before the roof panels could go on.

That last panel gave us a lot of trouble getting it fitted into place but we were really glad when it went into place.

On to the roof panels of which there were 30 panels which were 8 ft. wide and almost 22 ft. long and 8 ins. thick. DSCN4784They don’t just lay there they fit together with splines and are screwed down with 12″screws and nailed every 6″ along the splines.

Took about a week to get all the roof panels in and on Tuesday of our last week the last panel went up.

We still had some soffet to put on, cover the uper roof with felt paper,  house wrap to put on and 20 windows to installed.

We were scheduled to leave this project on Saturday Dec. 12th and this is how it looked when we left. The building is closed in and now work can be done on the inside over the winter.

This was the team that was there on that last Friday along with the pastor and his wife. 12376759_1671629749784343_8444361734733158659_n

Even with all the work we’ve really enjoyed our time here and the great people that we’ve worked with. Before we came we didn’t know any of this group and now they have become good friends.  Friday evening we said our goodbyes and Saturday morning we hooked up and headed to northern Illinois. I know that’s the wrong direction for this time of year, but I have a Dr. apointment next Monday so here we are in northern Illinois parked at our son’s house.  This will be the first time since we started traveling that we will be with any of our family for Christmas. Some time after Christmas we will be heading to Florida for a winter project.

We pray that everyone has a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Until next time God Bless.






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3 Responses to Leaving Richland

  1. catherine3151@juno.com says:

    Thanks for update. We are getting ready to leave Monday the 28. Where will you be going? Merry Christmas!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Glade you did not have a missing piece in the building puzzle. Enjoy your time with family and travel safe to warmer climate in Florida.

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