Summer Update

The summer is past and I guess it’s about time to start back up our Journal. We’ve had a busy summer. We have a seasonal lot at The King’s Camp in northern Illinois where we park when we are in the area. I helped with some of the mowing and weed whacking there. It was a very wet spring and summer so there was a lot of grass to mow.

One of our sons lives near there and I helped him pour a floor in his new pole barn. I think it took about 34 yds. of concrete. I have now given up concrete work for good.

In June we went to Quincy, Il. for a few day to a family reunion on my side. I got to spend some time with my brother and sisters and a few nieces and nephews that I haven’t seen in a while.

In August we took a trip north to Thief River Falls Mn. for a family reunion on Marge’s Mother’s side of the family. Enjoyed our time there meeting many members of the various families. On our way there and back we stopped by Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandra, Mn. to spend the night and visit with some MAPS friends

Upon returning we took a trip to Moldova to visit one of our sons and his family. We spent about 3 1/2 weeks with them visiting and seeing some of the site. For those that don’t know where Moldova is it’s in Eastern Europe and was one of the former Soviet Satellite country between Romania and Ukraine.

We’ve had some issues with tire wear on the RV so I had it checked out and it was determined that the axles were bent and needed to be replaced. This turned into a major project and we ended up leaving it at the repair shop while we went to Moldova.

Upon returning from Moldova we picked up or RV and spent a few days at the campground and took care of a couple Dr. appointments. We’ve had our share of Dr. visits and tests which we are still dealing with.

We are now in Carlinville, Il for the MAPS RV convention where we will see a lot of friends, have some great services, and decide where we will go for the winter.

Well, That’s a quick update of the summer. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll update more often as we get on the road. Continue to pray for us as we travel and we both have some health issues to deal with.

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3 Responses to Summer Update

  1. Catherine DeCoster says:

    So nice to catch up with all your news and travels. We are so sad that we cannot be at convention this year, we will be thinking of you all next week being together and having a fun time without us!!😩. We are going to be in Plant City and hope to meet up with old and new friends there. Praying the Lord leads you to the right project. Missing you! Catherine & David D

  2. Now dull moments in your summer adventure. At least you did not work as hard as in other past MAP projects.

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