Winding Down

I know it’s been two weeks but it’s been a busy two weeks.  Seems that we are going somewhere almost every night. We’ve been out to eat a few times.

Fred's Southern Kitchen

Fred’s Southern Kitchen

Last night all of us went to the pastor’s home for dinner and a time of fellowship. After dinner we were outside for a time just enjoying the evening and conversation.

This past week we had three of our grand kids staying here while their parents went to a conference.  Marge spent all week entertaining and taking car of them.

Gets a little crowded with three extra people and an extra dog in our RV but we survived and enjoyed our time with them.

As far as the building goes, we got the rest of the trusses up and all of the plywood sheeting on. Built soffit around the portico and in the foyer. We did a lot of other things that were necessary but just don’t show.  By the end of the week the roofers came and covered the roof. They will be back latter to put on the metal roof.mms_picture-50

This past week we also did a lot of the framing of the interior walls, but still more to do this weekmms_picture-47

Our time here is coming to an end as by Friday most of us will be moving on. Our plan is to move to northern Florida for a few days to visit some friends and a little rest before we go further north to another project.  We have a couple in mind but haven’t committed to one yet.  It’s still a little early to go too far north.  The weather here are been unusually warm. Almost every day the past two weeks has been in the 90’s and a few day in the upper 90’s.  Too hot to be working out in the sun. After this week this project will be turned back over the the contractor to get it finished.  I’m sure that the work we’ve done here has saved the church several thousand dollar.

As we wind down here we face the hardest part of every project and that is saying good-bye to the new friends we’ve made.

Thanks for stopping and reading my ramblings. Please feel free to leave a comment

Until next time, God Bless

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2 Responses to Winding Down

  1. looking good, love your blog updates!

  2. Saying ‘so long’ is tough. But the memories make it all more enjoyable.

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