Tilt-a Whirl

Another week has passed with some progress being made.  Started the week off putting sheeting on the trusses which were up. These pictures were taken from the roof.

It was decided that the trusses which were built wrong could be modified and used.  It was a lot cheaper than having them rebuilt.  A 2X10 was added onto each side to make them wider as well as make them about 16 inches higher.  After modifying a few we started putting them up. Yes that’s me up in the bucket. Kind of like riding the “tilt-a-whril”.

From another direction.

Still several more trusses to go so starting tomorrow we will be back at it. Takes a little longer when each truss has to be modified before going up.

By Friday night this is what the building looked like.


Tuesday we went to a cook out at one of the families from the church. Had a good time of food and fellowship.

Yesterday we went with some friends and drove over to Orlando just to look around. We had a nice dinner at Texas Road House. We stopped at Fort Wilderness, Wilderness lodge, and some of the other fancy hotels. I have lots of pictures but can’t decide which ones to post so I’ll just post one of Marge and I.DSCN3964

It’s been a gorgeous week here in Lakeland.  Temperatures in the 80 most of the week.  Cooled off to the mid 70’s for Saturday but was back into the 80 for today and supposed to be that way most of this week.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but by clicking on the pictures you can enlarge them.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to post a comment.

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3 Responses to Tilt-a Whirl

  1. Malcolm Zoll says:

    Looks like another great job
    You and your friends are doing
    May God be with you on the rest of
    Your jounery.

    • Thanks Malcolm, Should get the rest of the trusses up in the next day or so and then we will be sheeting. Starting to get hot down here so would be nice to get this done. How are you surviving the winter?

  2. Building is looking great. Good things you guys take some R&R time along the way.

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