Digging Trenches

We’ve been enjoying our time here in Florida. We’ve had an occasional cool night but most of the days have been warm.  The last week or so I have been helping to install drain lines for storm water run off. We dig the trenches, install the pipe and fittings, and fill them in and then dig more trenches. When we’re done there’s not much to show for all our work.  The drain line will run all the way around the building with side runs for the downspouts, and then connect to the detention pond.  So far we are a little over half way done.

Hopefully this week we will finish the drain line. Trusses are supposed to be delivered on Monday and work can begin putting the roof on.  Then maybe it will look like something has been accomplished.

As I mention in my last post Marge has been working on a Quilt. DSCN3874

This is a quilt that she started sometime back but is just getting it finished. This is what it looks like completed and on our bed.DSCN3875

This week the women went to an antique shop and then went for lunch. IMG_6817

That’s about all for now. Until next time God Bless.

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4 Responses to Digging Trenches

  1. The show of the work you’ve been doing shows up with the first big rain. It looks like you had a good crew and the right equipment to get this job done. Did you get started on Blogging101?

    • If we ever get a roof on the building and then gutters then it will probably get a workout.
      Yes, I have been doing the Blogging101. Since I don’t post everyday I just do the assignment but don’t post. I’m doing it to learn some of the features of WordPress that I haven’t tried. I do have a question for you but I’ll ask it in a reply on e-mail.

  2. Malcolm Zoll says:

    Looks like everything should work when y’all get done .
    And the quilt looks great too, Tell nice job.
    Have a Great day God Bless

  3. Thanks Malcolm, Are you hanging out in Florida?

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