Teen Challenge Middle Georgia, Dublin, Ga.

We left Crestwood Kentucky on Saturday morning Nov. 15 heading to our next project in Dublin, Ga. It would be a two day trip.  The first part of the trip through Kentucky and Tennessee was through some very beautiful country. We tried to get some pictures but they didn’t turn out very well. We stopped for the night at a campground about an hour north of Atlanta.  I wanted to get past Atlanta during the light traffic of Sunday morning.  We had planned to take the bypass around Atlanta but found that two lanes on the bypass were closed so we just drove straight through Atlanta.

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

I guess because it was mid Sunday morning the traffic while not great wasn’t bad.

We arrived at Teen Challenge Sunday afternoon and got set up.

Monday morning we met with the David Kincaid the director and his wife for a tour of the facilities.  As it was pouring  down rain we didn’t do anything on Monday other than the tour.

While here most of what I’ve been doing is misc. maintenance  job.  Repairing florescent lights, repairing broken window, etc. I also built three tables for a assembly job that some of the men work at.  One day I put up Christmas light. DSCN3738

I put signs on drop off boxes which they put as various location to collect item for a Thrift Store which they have in town.  DSCN3739

Yesterday I worked in the kitchen helping to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner for today.

Marge has been working in the office helping with various jobs. She also helped putting up Christmas decorations in the office, chapel, and cafeteria. Another job which she did was preparing for a race which Teen Challenge sponsors to raise funds for the camp. The race was this morning and we were up at 5 AM to go into town to help.  Marge helped with the check in.

Downtown Atlanta

There were four different races, a half marathon, a 12K, a 6 K, and a 1 mile fun run.

Half Marathon

Start of Half Marathon and 12K

I stood at the at the turn around point for the 12K and recorded number of the runners as they made the turn.

After the race was over we return to the camp for a Thanksgiving dinner with the students and their families. This afternoon we’ve just sat around resting up from our early morning and watching some old Perry Mason programs.
The weather here has been quite variable. We have days in the upper 70’s and lows at night near freezing.  We’re also had a lot of rain.  The forecast for the next week shows that we should have some pretty good weather.  Marge and I are both feeling better but still not fully recovered from our illnesses of the past several weeks.  Seems like about the time we start getting better we take a turn in for the worse.  Don’t think that the weather is helping a lot.

That’s all for now. Trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that no one ate too much Turkey.

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1 Response to Teen Challenge Middle Georgia, Dublin, Ga.

  1. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Glad to hear you both are feeling better and on the road again.
    Looks like you got some cut out for you,which I know it will be done good
    God Bless and have a great time.

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