Camp Crestwood

Last week started off with the Facility Manager (Frank) giving us a quick tour of the camp. It’s not a very large camp but is very nice.  It’s right on the edge of Louisville but seem to be in the middle of the woods.  This is a picture of the sign with our RV in the background  and a shot of the RV park from the other direction.

DSCN3704I started the week off mowing, not to cut grass but to mulch leaves.  This camp has more trees for it’s size than any other camp we’ve worked at and that means more leaves.


I mowed for about two and a half days last week.  I mowed the whole camp once and about half of it twice, and part of it three time. (those leaves just kept falling)

All day Wednesday and part of Thursday morning I spent changing out all the outlets (about 50) on one floor of their Retreat Center.  I then I worked with Frank to rake up more leaves and acorns. Under some of the Oak trees there were so many acorns that they were killing the grass.

A church group was coming on Saturday with a team to do some painting and to remove the and fence and deck from what used to be the swimming pool. Most of the day Friday was spent removing some of the old plumbing and electrical around the pool and removing some of the fence so it would be easier for them to get to the deck etc.

By Saturday night after the church group was here it looked like this. Nice job.DSCN3720

I’ve mentioned in the last several post that I have not been feeling well.  It seemed like I’d feel OK for a day or two then I’d have a couple of days when I didn’t feel good.  Saturday was one of those day when I felt pretty good but Saturday night I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks.  All the sudden I got what I can only call a stiff neck. I couldn’t turn my head any direction. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even get up out of the my chair.  I couldn’t sleep at all. Sunday morning we went to church with the Facility Manager. (Big Mistake) Every bump, and every turn sent my neck into extreme pain. I sat through church trying not to move. By time we got home I was in extreme pain. I spent the night sitting in my recliner.

Monday morning we found a Dr. and borrowed Frank’s pickup so Marge could drive me there. I sat in the waiting room for almost three hours and then another hour in the exam. room. After much listening, poking, and a couple of X-rays it was determined I had a severe case of bronchitis and the start of pneumonia in my left lung.  Got a prescription for a muscle relaxer, an antibiotic, and a cough suppressant and sent home. I spent another night in my recliner.  I did get about two hour of sleep and by Tuesday morning I was starting to feel better and today a little better.  I’m Still having problems with my neck but feel so much better than before.

As you may have guessed I haven’t worked this week so there is nothing to write about there.  Marge has spent most of here time taking care of her sick husband. Pray that I continue to improve, that Marge doesn’t get what I have, and for safety as we travel.

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7 Responses to Camp Crestwood

  1. Sylvia White says:

    I’m glad you finally went to the doctor!! Sounds like the two of you have been a blessing, but working too hard ..take care and will be praying for health and safety for both of you:)

  2. Linda Van Dyke says:

    Praying that you will get better soon! It’s tough as we get older to get over things so both of you please take care of yourselves!

  3. jrzygrl64 says:

    Hi! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    I wanted to ask – where is this Camp Crestwood? I ask because Bill and I used to live in LaGrange and we still have friends in that area. I used to work at a retreat center in Crestwood, Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center, which is (was?) a United Methodist retreat center.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog!

  4. Malcolm & Julie says:

    I also praying that you get well,and the both of you
    It going to be cold this week so stay warm and get lots of rest

  5. Charles says:

    Did you get a Pneumonia shot, they say you need one at your age, (not mine). Dianne tries to get one every year, but the doctor says she has to wait until she gets older. Dr. Mom says you probably threw your neck out coughing. Hopefully the meds will help you get over this.

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