Brandenburg Second Week

Another week has passed and we’ve had a very productive week. Almost all of the drywall has been finished sanded and painted. My hand are worn out from sanding and Marge is tired of painting. But by the end of the week our team had finished six class rooms, two long halls


and the gym and stage.

Gym and Stage Area

Gym and Stage Area

In addition most of the drywall and painting was complete in the kitchen and fellowship hall.

This week we will be finishing up a little drywall, painting a lot of doors and trim, and installing trim in the two bathrooms.

We started out two weeks ago with 4 couples and we ended up with 6 this week. This week ended with loosing two of the original couples. As I’ve mentioned before that’s one of the hardest parts of this lifestyle when friends who you’ve worked with, shared meals with and had fellowshipp with have to depart. We’ve had a great time of working to together and sharing meal. This week we’ve shared a hot dog and chili meal,DSCN3587

and a spaghetti and bean soup dinner.DSCN3641 We also had a wonderful dinner at the home of one of the church families.  Friday night we all went to the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, In for dinner.  Beautiful view overlooking the Ohio river from our table at the restaurant . DSCN3604

This is our group going to dinner on Friday evening.DSCN3601

Check out that piece of coconut cream pie that Marge and I shared.DSCN3605

Weather was a little cool early in the week but yesterday was beautiful and after breakfast we went for a ride to French Lick, In and did a little site seeing. It was a beautiful drive through the hills of Southern Indiana with all the fall colors. Also along the way were several pumpkin farms.DSCN3610

I had several other pictures from our time in French Lick but my internet connection is so bad I’m having trouble getting them to load.

We’ve had a busy week but have also enjoyed our time here.  We have one more week here before we will move on. I’ll leave with one more picture of the sun setting from our campsite on the Ohio River.DSCN3582

Thanks for stopping by and reading this far.  Until next time have a GREAT week and God Bless.

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3 Responses to Brandenburg Second Week

  1. Linda Van Dyke says:

    Looks like you guys were really,really busy! You accomplished a lot! Beautiful spot where your camping too. Love your pictures!

  2. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Great picture’s like always,and great work on all those rooms.
    And good food.

  3. What an amazing post. Your neighbourhood must love the way you have documented so many wonderful records for them. Inspiring and great quilt work!

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