Carlinville, Illinois

We’ve been here at Lake Williamson Christian Center for three weeks and we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to update our blog. We’ve done a lot of work but we’ve also had time to met old friend and make new ones.

The first week I worked in the motel unit cleaning and servicing air conditioners, vent fans and a several other things. Carlinville4

The second week I worked replacing some rotten siding on the dining hall.Carlinville3


This is what the wall looked like after we were done.


Last week I helped install a fiberglass sheeting on the end of the Activities Building.


This is what it looked like when we were done.  After this it will be covered with a fiberglass mesh and then stucco applied.


When that was done we disassembled part of the miniature  golf course and moved it to another location. Marge worked a couple of day folding sheets but most of the time there wasn’t anything for her to do.

Everything is not work. One day one of my sisters came by to visit.  I took the day off to spend time with her. That’s one of the things about being a volunteer you can work when you want too.

The weather is been great up until yesterday.  It’s been warm and no rain but Wednesday that all changed, Wednesday night we got over 5 inches of rain and today the it started cooling off. By morning it’s supposed to be in the upper 30’s

Our MAPS RV Volunteer Convention starts tomorrow so we will be attending that for the next week. Already there are over 100 RV here with more coming in tomorrow which makes for a pretty busy campground. During the week we will be attending various sessions and meeting with some old friend and making new one.

We haven’t decided where we will go when we leave here but will make that decision this coming week. We’re looking forward to heading on down the road to new places and new adventures.

Thanks for stopping by.

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