Trim and More Trim

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post but there’s not been much to write about.  We’ve been working most of the time. I finished all of the trim work that needed to be done in auditorium. Got all the baseboard down in the youth room and even though there were a few more things do it was ready for the kick-off on Wednesday night. After that we started on the trim in what is called Building 3 Office and Education Building. The youth room is upstairs in this building but when you come into the building there is a long hall “L” shaped hall off of which will be offices and class rooms.  This is the area where we have been installing trim.

First of all it needed to be painted and Marge has done a lot of that. Marge painting trim

Marge painting trim

Then it had to be cut to fit and put up.

Dave cutting trim

Dave cutting trim



There was a lot of trim in this hall.  There were 8 doors that needed trim.

Some of the trimmed doors

Some of the trimmed doors

In addition there was trim at the ceiling, baseboard along the floor, trim up the corners and trim dividing the colors on the wall.  A very colorful hall with a lot of different angles to cut.Building1.4


That finished the trim in the hall way but there’s still more in other areas to do this week.

It finally looks like spring is trying to find it’s way back.  Most days have had highs in the 60’s to upper 70’s. Had a few cool nights but no more ice and snow.  This will be our last week here in Lindale, Tx. We plan on leaving either Thursday or Friday and heading east to Marianna, Fl.  We will be working at the Assemblies of God camp in North Florida.  We will also be seeing our oldest son and his family who are missionaries to Europe. It has been almost 3 1/2 years since we’ve seen them and they are back in the states for a while and we will see them while in Florida.  We will be there for about a month before we start our trek north.  By then spring should have found it way back north too.

We’re looking forward to our last week here at The Church of The Garden Valley and beginning our journey east.

Pray for us as we travel and thanks for stopping by.




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2 Responses to Trim and More Trim

  1. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Good morning Dave,Marge
    Looks like another great job you two have done.
    And sounds like you are ready for some warm weather too,like everyone else.i know you can’t wait to see your son and his family, so have a safe travel and God Bless the both of you

  2. Phil Mathieu says:

    Glad to see you guys working hard as usual. Nice trim job and very colorful.

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