Church of the Garden Valley

In my last post I said how after a few days of 70 plus temperatures it was beginning to sleet. Monday morning when we got up there was about an inch of sleet and ice on everything. Fortunately we didn’t have to do anything but stay inside and keep warm because the roads were impassible and many were closed.  There was little melting on Monday and Tuesday with temperatures barely up to freezing and down to 18 Monday night.  We were going to move on Wednesday morning but there was so much ice and snow on the ground that I wasn’t sure I could get hooked up. I cleared the ice and sleet from the ground in front of our RV and hoped for enough melting by the time we were ready to hook up so I could get backed up to the trailer. I also had another problem.  There was ice on the slide outs. I tried brushing it off but it was frozen to the roof.  I ended up hooking up a water hose and sprayed water under the layer of ice until I could crack the ice and then knock it off.  By about noon on Wed. I was able to get the slides in, hook up and ready to move. As we were only moving about 5 miles down the road to The Church of the Garden Valley I really wasn’t in too much of a hurry. By about 1:00 we had moved and were set up in our new location.  In the afternoon we just looked around the facilities and saw the work that was going on.

Thursday morning I started on the work that I will be doing.  I’m going to be doing trim work in two of the buildings that they are working on.  the first is a new youth room which is supposed to be finished and ready for a new kick on March, 23.  That’s only 2 weeks and there is still a lot to do. Following is a couple of pictures in the youth room.  That’s where we work on Thursday morning.   Marge was my helper part of the time.  Monday they are supposed to put down carpet in the room and then I will have to put down the baseboards.  DSCN2986


Thursday afternoon and Friday I worked in the auditorium doing some trim work.  Some of which was pretty high up.  DSCN2988

Putting trim around speakers

Putting trim around speakers

There were 5 speakers and three of them were up high.  I wanted to get them finished and put the lift back before I quit on Friday.DSCN2992

There is still a lot of trim work to do all over the buildings so I’ll probably be doing that most of the time we’re here. Right now there is only one other RV Volunteer here and he is taping and muding drywall in class rooms. After that I’m sure there will be a lot of painting that needs to be done.  I think there is another RVer that is coming in sometime this week.

Yesterday we went to Tyler, Tx and did a little shopping and spent the evening just relaxing. This morning we went to church.  It wasn’t too far of a trip as we just walked a short way across the lawn.  They started church on the old time and didn’t change the clocks forward until after church.  Made it a lot easier for people to get around on time. After church we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. After lunch I took Boots for a long walk.  The weather has finally warmed up and it just looks like maybe Spring is finally going to arrive here in East Texas.

I’m looking forward to the coming week and getting some of this trim work done.  This is the kind of work I like doing.   A lot to do but I hope I can finish a lot before we move on.

Hope everyone has a GREAT week.  At least here it looks like it’s going to be a nice week.

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1 Response to Church of the Garden Valley

  1. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Good Morning,good to hear from you both again like always.
    When I get to retire maybe I will be able to come out help you some time,
    It sounds like I could learn a lot about carpenter work.
    Great job. And God Bless.

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