Down on the Farm

Time is sure flying by.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been here two weeks all ready.  It’s been a different and interesting project then we’re worked before. As I mentioned in our previous entry we are working in the agriculture department here at Mercy Ships headquarters.

Mercy Ships Headquarters

Mercy Ships Headquarters

The first thing that the guys did was move the cattle from one pasture to another.  We also moved the hay rings to the new pasture and brought some that needed repair in so they could be repaired.  We also made lattice screens for the windows in the chicken house.

When we got up Tuesday morning this is what it looked like.DSCN2939DSCN2938

Yes, that is ice from the freezing rain. It was a cold couple of days but on Wednesday the weather started to change and by Friday the temps were in the 70’s and we’ve had great weather. That may change this coming week as our 7o’s are supposed to only be in the upper 50’s but I’ll take that to what the people up north are expecting.

Marge and Deanna worked with one of the other ladies getting a mailing ready.DSC04516

The rest of the first week and into the second week they worked cleaning the offices in the agriculture building.  After they were through with the office they started cleaning the cobwebs and windows in the barn.Marge

Charlie and I worked repairing hay rings and putting them back into use.  We worked a couple of days cutting dead trees. DSCN2956

and burning them.Fire2

We had eight of these fires and still have more trees to cut and burn this coming week if we get around to it. The last couple of days we checked all of the fence lines, removed any downed tree branches and repaired the fence where necessary.  Sometimes  it was just a matter of driving by in the Kabota and looking at the fence other times it was necessary to walk the fence line trough the wood and brush.  That’s some of the highlights of the work.

One thing that did happen this week was the birth of a new calf. I’ll just show a couple of pictures.

Just moments after the birth.

Just moments after the birth.

After a couple of attempts the calf was up on his feet and within about 10 minutes was walking around.DSCN2953

Amazing how fast he was up, eating, and moving around.

As usual we don’t work all the time. On the Wednesday before Valentines day we went to a dinner at the Church of Garden Valley that was a fund raiser for the youth to go on a missions trip.  We enjoyed ourselves and had a very good dinner and fellowship. DSC04521

Over last weekend we took a drive around the area and visited some of the other SOWER projects. While we were out we saw this field that had must of had 75-100 white deer.DSC04523

Monday evening we were invited to a fish fry with the MAPS RVers over at the Church of Garden valley. DSCN2960

We had a great time of food and fellowship with some old and new friends.One of the great things about this lifestyle is all the wonderful people we meet.

This coming week is our last week of work here at Mercy Ships. Haven’t decided yet where we will be next but have a couple of options we’re looking at.  Hopefully by my next post we will at least have our next move nailed down.

Thanks for all the prayers as we travel.  Until next time.

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1 Response to Down on the Farm

  1. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Good Moring ,Looks like another great job done with the help
    From Dave&Marge and others. glad to hear from you and follow
    Your travel. God Bless and have safe travel’s

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