Mercy Ships

It’s been an interesting week but I don’t have many pictures.  We left Twin Lakes Camp in Woodworth, LA last Saturday morning and drove to Lakeview Camp in Maypearl, Tx.  DSCN2936

It was a pleasant and uneventful trip without any problems.  We went there for a North Texas MAPS convention, not to work.  Convention didn’t start until Monday evening so we just had a chance to relax a little.  The convention was great and we met up with the couple we are going to be working with this month.  We also met a few MAPS people that we haven’t seen in a while and met a lot of new people.  We really enjoyed our time there. The convention ended on Wednesday and we hung around until Friday before we headed to our next project.  Just so you won’t think that we are just sitting around enjoying the warm weather.  While we were there we got some snow and ice and they set a record for the lowest daytime temperature for that date.

We left Lakeview Camp Friday morning.  We waited until it a little latter than usual to leave for a couple of reasons.  One was so we would avoid the rush hour traffic around Dallas and second so it would warm up a little and the roads would clear up a little.  Travel was not a problem and there was only a couple of bridges with a little ice.

We arrived at Mercy Ships Headquarters (, checked in and got all set up.  This project is a SOWERS project.  Most of the projects we work are MAPS RV Volunteer projects.  We came here to work with another couple that we have worked with in the past both on a MAPS projects and a SOWER project.  If you don’t know what Mercy Ships is about check out the link above and watch some of the videos. Now while we’re not working on a ship this is their headquarters.  They have over three hundred acres of land here and to help support their operation they raise cattle which they sell.  It also helps manage the grounds.  I will go into more detail on what we do in a future post.

Today we went to church twice.  There is a church that is connected to the campus here while not a part of Mercy Ships a lot of the people that work here go there.  We went to the early service there this and then we went to the late service at a church that is about 5 miles away.  That church is a MAPS project and there are several people that we know working there.  Both churches had great services and we enjoyed them both.  After church we followed some of our friends to the restaurant for lunch.  After lunch we went back to the church where the RV MAPS people were and met another couple that we work with last winter in Alabama. We had a busy day but enjoyed it greatly.

We’re enjoying our travels, the work we are doing, and the people that we have met.  I know I shouldn’t complain about the weather but it seems that the cold has followed us everywhere we’ve gone this winter.  Not near as nice a last winter.  After a couple more cold day it’s supposed to warm up and maybe form now on we’ll have some nicer weather.

Until next time. God Bless!


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1 Response to Mercy Ships

  1. Malcolm & Julie says:

    Hello Dave&Marge
    Glade to hear you both had a safe and enjoyable trip,sounds like you had a great visit too.
    Now off on your next job can’t wait to hear about it. Be careful and God Be With The Both of You.

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