Rogers, Arkansas

We left Carlinville, Illinois on Tuesday Oct. 15 and drove to Springfield, Mo.  As it happens sometimes it started to rain just as we were leaving and by the time we got to St. Louis it was raining hard.  Not a pleasant drive.  By the time we got to Springfield the rain had stopped so we got set up in the MAPS campground.  It was crowded but we were able to squeeze in.


We were up tight to the rig behind us.  The park is set up just for a place to stay when passing through or for a short stay.  It did have a small building with a meeting area, kitchen and a free laundry.  Our original plan was to just stop by here for the night but we found we couldn’t get into a RV park in Rogers Arkansas until Saturday so we had a few days to wait.  While we were here we met the other two couples who were also going to the project in Rogers. While in Springfield we caught up on a few things.  We also spent an afternoon at Bass Pro one of the largest sporting goods store anywhere.  We also had dinner at the Hemingway Restaurant located on the top floor.


Saturday morning we hooked up and headed for the Creeks RV park in Rogers, Arkansas.


For those that don’t know our RV we’re the Mobile Suite on the right.  The rig on the left is one of the other RV couples who are working with us. When we arrived the pastor and his wife were here to meet us and had a basket for each of the couples.DSCN2291

Sunday we went to church that we will be working for.  They are currently meeting in a YMCA until their building is ready.

Monday morning we went to see where we would be working.  Not really what we were expecting.  The property was an old convenience store which they are adding onto and turning into a church. Basically all the walls had been demolished and the only park left is the roof.


The concrete pad behind the structure with be where the entry is and the restrooms.  The pad in the foreground will be the nursery with a small washroom. Under the roof with be the new Sanctuary.  I know it doesn’t look like much but one day it will be a nice building.  The 2×4 structure is just temporary to help support the roof and stabilize it while the walls were removed.  Monday we basically just decided what needed to be done and deciding were to begin.  We had to figure out what material to order first and get it delivered.

Our first load of lumber

Our first load of lumber

Be began by framing on the new section in the back of the building.  this needed to be done so the truss’s could be ordered.  When the floor was poured they didn’t put any bolt in the concrete to fasten the bottom plate down so we had to drill holes and use epoxy to insert bolts.

Drilling the hole took the better part of a day.

Drilling the hole took the better part of a day.

Marge blowing the dust out of the holes

Marge blowing the dust out of the holes

Epoxy and bolts

Epoxy and bolts

We have a total of about 75 of these to do and we only did about half of them so we could start framing some walls.

First wall up

First wall up

Second wall ready to go up

Second wall ready to go up

Second wall up

Second wall up

This was where two sets of double entry doors will be.  That 21 foot lam beam is very heavy.




This is an inside wall when the other end of the truss will sit. We finished the week by framing in the wall between the washrooms.


By the end of the week the partitions for the bathrooms were up.


I included this picture of the Pastors father in law.  He was 96 years old yesterday and he comes by almost everyday if for no other reason then just to pray for us.


He also spends some time most day just cleaning up a little.  Today in church he sang a song. Still had a good voice and a very inspiring testimony.

The weather here has been a little on the cool side.  Some days it has been down in the low 30’s in the morning but by afternoon most days it has warmed up to the mid 60’s which is a nice temperature for working.

Hope to make more progress this week.  Our job here is to get the building all framed in and ready for work on the inside before we move on to another project.

Most of the pictures were from one of the other people on the project.  Our camera had a little accident and is no longer operative.  Hope to have a replacement soon.

It’s been a busy week but we are enjoying our time here and are making a lot of new friends and helping a small congregation with a new church plant.

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2 Responses to Rogers, Arkansas

  1. Dan and Dianne Earnest says:

    Dave and Marge,
    How exciting it must be to actually help start a church from the ground up! Keep up the good work, we will keep you and the team in our prayers.
    Dianne Earnest

  2. I love seeing all of the pictures. This project is moving right along. Lots of framing! Looks like the weather is cooperating too. Bless you guys!

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