An Update

I’ve been getting some comments that I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought I better give a little update.  We’ve not just been sitting around doing nothing.  We’ve had three graduation parties, three birthday parties, and a cook out with some people from our old Bible class.

SURPRISE!!!!!  Rodney

SURPRISE!!!!! Rodney

Birthday party #1 A surprise party for one of our sons.

Happy Birthday Justin

Happy Birthday Justin

Birthday Party #2 Our oldest grandson Justin.

Happy Birthday MAX.

Happy Birthday MAX.

Birthday Party #3 for Maxwell,  another grandson.

Another Birthday party this Friday for David grandson #3.

This is another reason to come back this way. Our 12th grandchild. She was born almost a year ago under some difficult circumstances. Born by c-section 2 months early.  She will soon be a year old.


Grandma and Katy

Grandma and Katie

Grandpa and Katie

Grandpa and Katie

As I noted in my last post we had a blowout on our way here and I had planned to get new tires this summer and upgrade to 17.5” tires. So I ordered new tires and rims and had them shipped here to the campground.


That meant I had to install them myself.


 I also had a brake line that was broken when I had the blow out so I ordered a new one, replaced it and bled the brakes at the same time.  The hardest part of the whole job was getting the trailer jacked up enough to get the old tires off and the new ones on.


They do look nice


I also do a little work here at the campground.  I powered washed the floor and tables in the two shelters, the bridge, and a few other things.  I also weed eat around the camp.  I found out that about 3-4 hours of weed eating makes your arms and shoulders pretty tire and sore.


I also helped my son run water and power to his barn.  I should have been a one day job but it turned into three long day as the just mud after we got down a couple of feet.  The trencher we rented did not work well with the mud and after about half day it broke so we got another one and it broke also.  Rented a small backhoe to finish the job. Part of the water line install was also 5 frost free water hydrants at various locations.

I’ve washed our RV and have been trying to get it waxed.  So far I’m about half done.  I do a little at a time.  It’s either been raining, it’s too hot, or we’ve been busy with other things. I’m a little over half done so I hope to find time to finish before the summer is over.

It hasn’t all been work. I’ve also found time to read a few books and relax a little.  Marge has worked on a couple of quilts and reorganized her sewing material.  We’ve also gone through the contents of our RV and eliminated some of the things that we brought with us but have determined we don’t need.

 Here it is July 4th and we’ve been here almost 2 months.  It just seem that time just flies.

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