Headed North

Our last three days at Springville Camp were very busy.  They had a Senior adult camp in with about 100 seniors. They were short handed in the kitchen so Marge worked three full day helping to prepare and serve meals. Also the Facility Manager’s dad died so he was gone all week so that left them short handed there to.  There was set up for the activities and just maintenance around camp that needed to be done. So I kept busy those last three days.  Last fall I posted about the Zip Line that they have at the camp. That was one of the activities that about 30 of the seniors did.  There was an 85 year old woman and a 84 year old man that rode across the lake.  They seem to really enjoy it.

We had decided that we would head out Thursday morning on our journey north. So after breakfast and good-byes to all the wonderful friends we had made we headed out.  We were not in a big hurry so we decided we would stop at a Corp of Engineer park in Tennessee for a couple of days just to take it easy.  The sites were heavily wooded and well separated from each other.

Poole Knobs COE Park

This was our camp site  Poole Knobs COE Park

We stayed here two night and had a little fire both nights.  This was the first fire we had by ourselves since we went south last fall.


The weather was almost perfect Thursday and Friday but Saturday morning when we were to leave it was raining.  We debated staying another day but the rain was supposed to last for a another day so we figured we might as well leave and drive in the rain.

We traveled about 250 miles to Whittington, IL where we stopped for the night.  It rained almost the whole way and continued to rain most of the night.  We got up this morning and waited for the rain to let up some before we decided to pack up and head a little further north were it wasn’t supposed to be raining.  It rained for about the first two hours of the trip today but by the time we arrived at Champagin, IL. The rain had stopped and it was pretty nice out so we made an early stop for the night.  It was a fairly short drive today and will make for a short drive tomorrow to The Kings Camp in Chana, IL where we will spend a good part of the summer.

I may not post as much this summer but will try to update once in a while as we do something.  We do have a busy summer planned visiting friend and family and taking care of some Dr. and Dentists appointment.

We have really enjoyed our first year on the road. We have enjoyed the work we have done and all the friends that we have made. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us this fall.

Where ever you are we pray that you have a great summer and hope to meet some of you on the road in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Rodney says:

    We’re looking forward to seeing you guys!

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