Change of Plans

I know that I haven’t posted in a while but there’s a reason for that, There hasn’t been anything to post.  Things were real slow with the project at Tanner Williams Assembly.  After we stripped the form and cleaned up there wasn’t much to do until after the steel structure went up.  There was a weeks delay between the time the floor was poured and the time they started putting up the  steel. It was good to see something going up.



Putting the steel up and the roof was going to take a couple of weeks before we could do any work on putting up walls etc. On Monday another snag came up with the county over permits and it appears that there was going to be a few more weeks before we would be allowed to build any walls.  It was getting about time to start heading north for many of the RVers. Well we made the decision to not sit around and do nothing so Thursday morning we pulled out and headed north about 300 miles to Springville Camp and Conference Center in Odenville, Al. For those that have followed us from the beginning, yes this is the same place that we started out.  The hardest part of this lifestyle is saying good-bye to all the new friends that we make.

Don’t know how long we’ll be here be probably at least three weeks.  A lot depends on the weather both here and back up north.  Will we’re here I’m sure that one of the things we will be doing is cleaning up some of the trees that went down in a recent wind storm.  About a week ago the lost 34 trees.  Most of them were uprooted and a few just broke.  Some have already been cleaned up and Friday we cleaned up a couple more.  Here are a few picture of some of the trees.




This morning we went to a Great Easter service at Faith Community Fellowship Church. This is the church that we attended when we were here last time.  This mornings service was a little different for an Easter service but it was very good.  If you would be interested see the service it should be online later this week at

That’s about it for now.  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and remembered that it is a celebration about what Jesus did and not about a rabbit.

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