A Fish Story

It has been a busy week and half.  Mostly just digging the dirt and sand that washed into the footings, digging new footings where interior walls will go, grading to the right level, and putting in the steel re-bar.



There is so much steel in this foundation that it should stand forever.


Supposed to be inspected tomorrow and then pour on Thursday.  It will be good to see all of this covered and ready to go up.  The building arrived last week on about 7 trucks like this.  At least the material to put up the shell. Hope to see the building closed in before we head back north for the summer.


Last Saturday some of the RVer’s went fishing.  One of the families in the church has a place about a mile from here that has a couple of large pond stocked with fish.  Here is Marge with her first catch of the day.


Everyone that fished caught fish.  In fact we caught so many fish that we are going to have a fish fry next week.


This was only part of the fish.  We also had fish in two five gallon buckets and another stringer.  It took us almost two hours cleaning them all.


See, I told you it wasn’t all work.  We are working hard but are having a great time and have made a lot of new friends. We meet every morning at break time for coffee and devotions. We have lunch together most day and almost every day after work some of us meet for coffee. Every Thursday night the whole group goes out together somewhere.  We have a game night most weeks.  About every other week we have pizza and a movie.  Tonight Marge went with some of the other women to visit a lady that raises miniature ponies.   Even the adults were about the size of a dog.


Thanks for taking time to visit.  Feel free to post a comment or ask a question.

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3 Responses to A Fish Story

  1. Sylvia says:

    Hey Dave and Marge,
    It looks like you guys are adjusting well to your new lives…Quite the fisherman Marge! Our family used to go deep sea fishing in Florida and the fresh fish was the best…
    We are waiting for spring to arrive…It’s been a long winter…Tom and I are going to Arizona next week to escape the cold..
    When are you heading this way?
    Take care..
    God bless

    • We are having a great time. Working some but have met some really great people from all over. Don’t when we will head back north but certainly won’t be before you get rid of that white stuff up there.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi Dave and Marge- I just found your blog and am excited to be able to follow your travels. It looks like you two are enjoying your lives and doing so much good. Happy Easter and God Bless! Dave, Brenda, Erin, Millie, and Anna

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