Boys Ranch project

I keep putting off writing and before I know it two weeks has past.  I’ve got to start doing better. It just seem that we get busy doing other things and I don’t take time to write.

There are three couples here. Below is a picture of the three couples by a statue in front of the Administration Building.


This is a SOWER project and as SOWERS we work four days a week for three weeks then a week we’re off to move to another project or as we are staying at this project for another month we will have a week off to do whatever we want. Not sure what we will do that week but we only have four more days and the first session will be over.

It’s been a busy two weeks on this project. The three men are replacing the roof on a small building that house the pool equipment and supplies.  It had a flat roof, which was leaking and rotting out.  First we had to tear off the old roof.  And then began building back a gabled roof.  They wanted the new roof to extend out over the pumps and filters which were behind the building. So as you can see the extension is as big as the building itself. Following are some pictures as the work progressed.







I don’t have pictures final pictures yet but at this point the roof is finished and shingled.  I’ll try to post the finished picture next time. Starting tomorrow we will be painting both inside and out of the structure.

Marge had been working morning in the kitchen helping to prepare food for the 80 boys that are here at the ranch.  Almost all the food is prepared from scratch so she has peeled a lot of potatoes and carrots, cut up a lot of fruit, and prepared a lot of vegetables.  The other two women both work at the school tutoring boys in the school.

The weather here has been very good since we got here. So far no rain and the temperature has generally been in the 70’s and low 80’s. Several times we have set out around a camp fire in the evening just having a time of fellowship.


Last night we drove about 30 miles south of here to the town of Mayo, Fl to visit a couple that we worked with when we were at Springville Camp and Conference Center back in November.  We had a great meal of barbequed ribs, baked beans, oriental coleslaw, and corn casserole.  We had a great time of food and fellowship.  We plan to meet them again next Sunday for a special service at their church followed by a dinner.

If I don’t get this published I’ll miss another week so I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to do better in the future.

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