A chinking week at Springville Camp

It’s been another interesting week here at Springville Camp and Conference Center.  The camp is short with their housekeeping crew because one of the women is out for several weeks due to surgery and they can’t seem to find people who want to work.  Last weekend they had a group of about 100 who left on Sunday Morning and a Pastors retreat that was coming in Sunday evening and Monday.  All the rooms and bathrooms had to be cleaned, the beds stripped and remade and made ready for the new arrivals.  With only one of the housekeeping crew available the camp staff and all of the RV volunteers pitched in and cleaned and made beds.  In about 6 hours it was all done and ready for the new guests.

When there are guest here and meals are served we can eat in the cafeteria and anything that is left over we are encouraged to take and use.  This saves a lot on our grocery bill but doesn’t help much on our waistline. When the pastors retreat was going on the camp director wanted us to come to all the meals and be visible so that the pastors would see us and give them the opportunity to learn about the MAPS RV program.

The major project we worked on this week and probably for the next few weeks is chinking the logs on the cabins.  There are three cabins and each one is divided into four rooms with approx. 34 beds in each room.  Each set of rooms has it own bathroom.  These are very large building.  We spent most of two days on one of the cabins and only got about 2/3 of it done and there are two more.  The logs should have been chinked when the cabins were build 18 years ago but was not done.  To chink between the logs you put the chinking material in the crack between the logs with what looks like a large caulk. Then you have to spray it with water and smooth it out with a small spatula like knife. Following are pictures of the chinking.

Dave Smoothing the chinking

Marge getting into the act

Jerry Hicks, another RVer showing us how it’s done

Last Saturday night I went with Alan Weber, one of the others RVer here to Talladega to the stock car races.  I hadn’t been to a stock car race in many years.  We had a good time and got home late.

Thursday night the camp director took the three RV couples  who are here out to dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse for a nice dinner.  It was a great time of food and fellowship.

Last night Marge and I went over the Facilities Managers (Ronney and Alice) home for hotdogs and chili. Today we went with them to church at Faith Christian Fellowship (FCF).  After church we stopped by Walmart so they could pick up a few things. While there they picked up a couple of buckets of Chicken and invited us to joined them for lunch.

Yesterday a cold front came through and it cooled off considerably. Only 59 for a high today compared to the 80+ degree days we have been having.  Looks like it going to be that way for at least the first part of the week with highs around 60 and lows in the low 30.

This is a picture of the view in front of our trailer one morning.

Looking forward to another great week.  Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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