Paducah, Ky to Springville Camp, Odenville, Al

We left Paducah, Kentucky on Wednesday morning head for Lutts, Tennessee. It was a pretty easy drive most of the way.  Some narrow winding roads and hills but we made it to Savanna, Tenn. with any problems.  We met our friends, Larry and Betty Cross at Walmart and went to an early dinner with them.  After dinner we headed to their place where we parked in their driveway in front of their house.

We did some sight seeing around the area on Thursday. Drove around some hills and valleys, crooks and turns that I could never find again if I had too. Thursday evening I went with Larry and a couple of his friend from church to Red Lobster in Florence, Alabama were we all had their Endless Scrimp special.  I ate more shrimp than I ever have in my life. We had a great time of food and fellowship.  Marge and Betty stayed at the house and had their on dinner and time to talk.  Neither one of them wanted to have shrimp.

Friday morning we were going to hit the road mid morning but it started to rain so we waited for a while to leave as I wasn’t real comfortable driving on some of the roads especially in the rain.  The rain let up and we pulled out a little after 11 and headed for Springville Camp in Odenville, Alabama.  Marge tried to get a couple of pictures as we drove out but they are not too good as we were bouncing along and the windshield was wet. But I’ll post a couple anyway.

The road going out

Betty lead the way so we wouldn’t make a wrong turn.

Once we got out the the main road it was much better but until we got to Florence, Al the road was a narrow 2 lane road with no shoulder.  It was just the start of the stressful trip.
The road from Florence to was 4 lane over to interstate 65 and into Birmingham were we pick up I59 and headed northeast.  The road was OK but because we got a late start we got into a lot of traffic going through Birmingham. We made it to Springville Camp and got set up.

This is our home for the next month and half.

We ate a sandwich for dinner as we were pretty tired and just relaxed the rest of the evening.

The camp is a beautiful place which includes a 40 acre Lake.  I haven’t seen it all but we took a little walk around to find the lay of the land.  Here are a couple of pictures we took as we walked around.  I’m sure I will have more as time goes on.

Marge and Boots

That’s about enough for today. Tomorrow is church and then Monday we start working.  Again thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to not be so long winded in the future.

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