Paducah, Kentucky

We left Carlinville, Il Monday morning headed for Paducah, Ky.  It was an uneventful trip.  I’m still not comfortable driving the rig yet but I’m getting better.  We were able to get hooked up today without any problems.  Just a little nervous after the trouble we had last time but all went well. Guess I will be more confident with more practice.

Pulling out of Site at Carllinville

Crossing Ohio River Into Kentucky


Today we went into Paducah and walked around the downtown area and along the river front. It was amazing how high the wall is along the river.  Also in walking around the downtown there was one place that showed the reason why. This picture I copied from the internet which showed the level of different flood. The top mark is the 1937 flood.

Flood Marker on front of one of the stores

Flood wall along river. Some of the pictures on the wall are murals of the flood that prompted the wall.

Following are some pictures of our walk along the river.

Marge overlooking the river

We watched barges going up and down the river and maneuvering to add more barges.

Barge going down the river

This is the last barge picture I’ll show so you don’t get too bored

My last barge picture

Tomorrow we hook up again and head further south to Lutts Tenn.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll end with something I heard last week concerning “Vision”

“If you don’t see it before you see it you will never see it.’

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