Update on MAPS RV Convention

Here it is Tuesday morning and we’re ready for another day of meetings.  The time has been flying by.

Saturday morning we were invited to a potluck breakfast with some of the people that are parked near us.  If you are familiar  with Lake Williamson we are parked in what the campers call the “back 40”  The sites are much nicer but it is a long way to all the activities.  We had a great breakfast and met a lot new people.

As I mentioned in my last post I needed a couple of parts for the RV.  After breakfast we headed to a RV place to see if we could find the switch we need and a vent cover for our refrigerator.  Well as it turned out it was a wasted trip.  Neither part was available.  We did stop by a Walmart to pick up a couple of things we need and fueled up the truck.

Saturday evening we registered and got our name tags and the schedule for the week and met a lot of great people.

Sunday was a great day.  Sunday morning Phil Schneider, the new district superintendent spoke and gave a great message on different kinds of day from “crisis days” to “glory days”.  After lunch in the cafeteria there was a Orientation meeting with all of the 1st timers’.  After a little break we went to the evening service where Jerry Bell the U.S MAPS Director spoke. Another great message.

Monday morning early I began to call and e-mail trying to find the parts I needed.  To make a long story short after a few phone calls and e-mails I was able to order both parts and they should be here by Friday.  Just hope they are the right parts and arrive soon.

Monday we had we had meetings and such all day.  Starting with a morning session updating what’s happened during the past year.  In the afternoon Marge went to a get-to-gather for women and I attended a session on different lubrications followed by one on HVAC.  I was more or less lost in the HVAC one.  Monday night we had breakaway sessions by regions.  It was a great and fun time.  I learned already that these Rvers’ are a friendly and fun group to be around.

Just to add a little color I’ll include a couple of pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my writing.

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